Infrastructure - Keck Lab Air Supply

The air supplied to the lab-space is conditioned by multiple steps between the air intake and the supply ducts in the room. Here is a general description of how the air is treated and how it can be monitored.

I] Conditioning steps:

infrastructure table.jpg

II] Monitoring the laboratory climate control system:

It is possible to monitor the lab status from a PC on or off campus, however, one will first need to gain access to the metasys server which is done via the lab manager. Once on the metasys server, here is what you will see:



Double click on the first "AHU-1" heading and here is what you will see:


In the image above, the "value" is either a setpoint or a readback. These numbers update every 30 seconds or so. What's more important to see here is the description given on the left. We frequently prefer to look at trends over the last week or longer. To do so, it is necessary to open the appropriate folder on the left and then find the correct item. For example, if we would like to see the instrument lab room temperature over the last week, then we'll need to find the appropriate tab for it.


In the screen shot above, the current readback values and their description are listed on the right. However, to access the trending data we need to doubleclick on the appropriate tab in the left window. For the room temperature it will be the file ending in ZN-T (short for zone temperature). Double clicking on that gives the following screen:


To access the weekly trend data, click on the "trend" tab. Here is the result:


If you click on the chart box (just under the "delete" button on the screenshot above) then you can access a table of values for the temperature. Highlight the top line and press CNTRL-A to highlight all of the content of the table. Now click on the "copy to clipboard" button and you can paste all of this into notepad and transfer it to excel.